The Fluffy Puppy provides a unique service, as it is by appointment only. Meaning, your pup is the only pet present at the time of their grooming session. By doing so, pets can become well acquainted with the space and their groomer. This peaceful environment allows for more one on one time- allowing more love, more patience, and more success on the grooming table. Your pet will recieve refreshment and relievement breaks throughout the course of their visit. 

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Wherever Katherine has traveled her love for pets has followed. With having a diverse background in several different sectors from: the Arts and Design, to Customer Service and Sales, the Pet Industry has always been home base. Wherever she went while pursuing her degree, she would land a jobs at  kennel/boarding facilities and/or grooming salons. She realized she was looking for a career in all the wrong places, when hers was looking at her dead in the face.

 Katherine knew Grooming was the best fit for her, when she wound up managing a grooming salon in North Carolina. " I realized grooming was a special kind of art, not only did I have to connect with the dog on a senstive, emotional level, but to groom them took artistic talent - which I knew I could easily transfer from paper to pet." 

Two years later, after taking online courses from QC Pet Studies and gaining a hands-on experience from a mobile grooming

service,  Katherine ventured out into the great unknown and created The Fluffy Puppy. Where affordability meets beautiful, authentic grooms. 

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